Unleash the Power of Google: Streamline Your Bookings with Reserve with Google Integration

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Google offers a valuable platform for businesses to streamline their booking process. By integrating Reserve with Google, businesses can optimize their booking system and enhance the customer experience. Reserve with Google integration allows customers to easily book services directly through Google Search results or their Google Business Profile.

Understanding the Importance of Google Integration

If you want your business to thrive, it's crucial that you integrate your booking system with Google. Doing so will streamline your booking process and make it easier for potential customers to discover your business and book your services. When users search for a specific service or local business on Google, they can easily view available time slots and make real-time bookings without visiting external websites.

Benefits of Reserve with Google

The integration of Reserve with Google offers a myriad of benefits to businesses. It simplifies the booking process for customers, enabling them to "reserve" or ''book'' services directly from Google Search and Maps. This seamless booking experience not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances the visibility of local businesses, leading to increased online bookings and revenue generation.

Getting Started with Google Integration

Setting up Reserve with Google is straightforward

There are two methods to getting started with your integration

Sign into your Google Account and bring up your Google Business Profile Dashboard. Click on the 'Bookings' icon.

Google Business Profile

The Manage Preference pop will show. Under the 'Featured book button'. Tap on the 'Add Provider' button if Go Book Me In shows up as a provider, select it and follow the instructions to get onboarded. If Go Book Me In is not an option then click here to get onboarded.

Feature Book Button

Once you have followed the steps above and are onboarded, our backend services will submit your details for verification with Google. Verification can take up to 72 hours but is usually a lot sooner. 

If approved, a 'Book Online' button will appear on your Googe Business Profile, and your services will be available for booking in real time. Customers can view up-to-date booking slots directly on Google Search and Google Map results through your Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile Integration

Integrating Reserve with Google into a business profile maximises visibility and increases bookings. By enabling this feature, businesses can attract more customers by allowing them to book services directly from their Google Business Profile. It enhances user convenience and boosts the chances of conversion.

Booking with Google

When it comes to making bookings using Reserve with Google, customers can easily do so through Google Search results. By searching for a specific service, users can see real-time availability and secure their booking with just a few clicks.

How to Make Bookings Using Reserve with Google

Booking through Google is simple. Customers search for a service or business and select a suitable time slot. They can then proceed to confirm their booking directly on the platform. This streamlined approach enhances user experience and encourages more customers to engage with local businesses.

Enabling Reserve with Google for Different Businesses

Businesses across various industries can tap into the power of Reserve with Google to maximize their booking potential. Go Book Me In supports over 330 types of businesses.

Enabling Reserve with Google for Multiple Businesses or Branches

Go Book Me In supports businesses with multiple branches, onboard your main branch via our onboarding page. Additional businesses or branches can be setup via the Go Book Me In administration console.

Integration FAQs

Understanding the process is key for businesses considering Reserve with Google integration. Here are some frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Reserve with Google work for businesses?
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Reserve with Google integration allows businesses to make available their services for booking on Google, enabling customers to make appointments/bookings directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or via Google Assistant. By setting up a booking system (such a Go Book Me In), that's integrated with Reserve with Google, your services become easily accessible, increasing visibility and potentially boosting appointment bookings. This works by linking your Google My Business account with an approved scheduling provider that is already integrated with Reserve with Google.
What types of businesses can benefit from Reserve with Google?
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A wide range of businesses, including accountants for consultations, spas and salons for appointment scheduling, and tradesmen for home services, can benefit from integrating with Reserve with Google. Essentially, any service-oriented business looking for a streamlined and easy booking process can enhance its customer experience with this feature.
What are the steps to set up Reserve with Google integration?
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To set up Reserve with Google for your business, you'll need a Google Business Profile. Then, you must partner with a Google bookings provider such as Go Book Me In. Once your booking system is integrated with Reserve with Google, your services will be bookable directly via your Google Business Provide. You'll be able to manage bookings through Go Book Me In's app and tools, but your customers will enjoy the convenience of booking via Google Search, Maps, or the Go Book Me In app.
Can customers book a table for my restaurant via Google Search?
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Customers can easily book a table at your restaurant via Google Search, thanks to the Reserve with Google booking integration. Currently, Go Book Me In does not support this vertical.
How do I add a Reserve with Google button to my business's booking page?
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Adding a Reserve with Google button to your booking page involves ensuring that your booking system is integrated with Reserve with Google through one of its booking providers. Once set up, the button, or booking widget, will automatically appear on your Google Business Profile.
What are the advantages of using Reserve with Google for appointment scheduling?
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The main advantages of using Reserve with Google for appointment scheduling include enhanced visibility of your services on Google platforms, increased booking convenience for customers, and potentially a higher volume of appointment bookings. This system saves time for both businesses and customers by streamlining the booking process, enabling easy booking through a familiar platform, and minimizing the need for back-and-forth communication to confirm time slots. Additionally, integration with Google Business Profile offers a seamless experience for managing and confirming bookings.
Where can I find more help to manage my Google Reserve bookings?
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If you need more help managing your Google Reserve bookings efficiently, Google offers resources such as the Help Center for businesses. The Help Center provides guidance on setting up and managing your Reserve with Google integration, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing your booking process. Additionally, Go Book Me In's support team can assist with specific booking system queries and integration challenges.
Is there a Reserve with Google App for managing bookings on the go?
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While there isn't a dedicated Reserve with Google app for businesses, the Go Book Me In iOS and Android app allows for on-the-go booking management and provides real-time updates on bookings, modifications to the booking calendar, direct communication with customers, and booking reporting. Business owners can receive notifications about bookings directly to the app. Additionally, the Google Business Profile Dashboard is useful for managing your bookings and viewing insights on your business's performance.

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