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Online Bookings For Service-Based Businesses

Start taking online bookings within minutes. Wave goodbye to manually trying to find available slots in your diaries, endless phone calls, and missed appointments. Go Book Me In is a simple, time-saving online booking platform that businesses and customers love.

Designed and customisable for all service-based businesses, the Go Book Me In platform is the perfect solution for managing your customers and their bookings.

Go Book Me In provides businesses with a competitive advantage by allowing you to add appointment booking functionality with Reserve With Google and directly through your website, leaving you to focus on providing excellent customer service.

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Online bookings at the Tip of Your Customer's Fingertips

Free your staff from the phone lines and manual appointment scheduling. Go Book Me In is a simple, time-saving online booking platform that businesses and customers love.
Display and promote your services.

From Accounting services to Zumba classes, Go Book Me In supports various services and industries.

Your availability in real time, 24 hours a day.

Realtime updates to your calendar let customers see your availability eliminating double bookings.

Our scheduling platform is simple and intuitive for customers and your staff. Easily set up different services, availability and price points.

Customised booking app.

A downloadable customised app is available within a few minutes of onboarding.

Allowing you to start managing and taking bookings straight away. Downloadable on (IOS) Apple and (Android) Google stores. 

Customer bookings across multiple touchpoints

Offer your services across multiple customer touchpoints through the App, your website, and directly from Google.

Bookings Made Simple

We understand that every business is different. That’s why we’ve built our platform to be as customisable as possible. Our open platform can be adapted to support your unique business requirements.

This flexibility is key to improving and optimising user experience for businesses and their customers. We take pride in offering features tailored to meet your specific needs. Go Book Me In has got you covered our customisable options allow you to personalise your booking system to reflect your business model and brand.

With our comprehensive reporting and analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your business performance. Track your appointment history, measure customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions to optimise your operations.

Let Go Book Me In be the tool that takes your business to the next level.

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Booking Management and Reporting Tools

We provide booking, management and reporting tools for you within minutes of onboarding.
Our user-friendly app allows your customers another way to book appointments with you effortlessly.
Available on IOS, Android and the Web you can use our apps to manage customers and their bookings, set up your services, and see reports on your business.
Our platform automates everything from finding available slots in your calendar to sending reminders.

Get Set Up in Minutes.

Tap on the 'Try for Free' button above, and our onboarding page will walk you through the setup process. Within a few minutes, you’ll be taking bookings online.

Once onboarded you can download your customised app and booking widget. We'll also set you up to receive bookings from your Google Business Profile on Google Maps.

We’re here to guide you through the process if you need a hand.

Beyond the Booking

We help you manage bookings and your full hive of business activity.

Fill your calendar and drive up revenue.

Go Book Me In offers built-in reporting and easy, actionable insights to tell you how and when your business is performing best and how it can perform better.

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Customer Insights and Loyal Rewards

Report on customer bookings and offer your customers incentives to use your services again.

Our built-in reports include insights on customers, booking, and sales.  If that's not enough, we can add custom reports and features to help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

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Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Go Book Me InGo Book Me In
Integrate Seamlessly with Your Google Business Profile

Setting up your business takes a few minutes, but it can take up to 72 hours for the scheduling button to appear on your Google Profile. This is subject to Google verification and approval.

For Service-Based Businesses Who Want to Improve Their Customer's Booking Experience.

Whether you are an accountant, electrician, music tutor, or dance teacher, your customers no longer need to call and wait to book your services. There is no need to have a dedicated staff member to take bookings, keep manual diaries, or try to fit customers into available booking slots. Our platform will handle it all for you.

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For Service-Based Business Worldwide

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Join the thousands of satisfied clients who have embraced our platform and witnessed the transformative power of efficient online booking. Get started today and experience the seamless convenience of Go Book Me In.

Why Choose
Go Book Me In?

Loved by customers, trusted by Google

Go Book Me In is a Reserve with Google Partner, so you can trust us to deliver a streamlined booking experience that your customers will love. Meanwhile, your competitors are making customers languish on hold or forcing them to reset their account passwords using clunky, dated software.

We are an Official Google Partner

As an official Google partner, we can enable your ‘Book Online’ feature on your Google Business Profile. This feature can give you the edge over your competitors and help you stand out from them on Google searches, with your own 'Book Online' button to attract new customers.

Custom App is Available at Apple & Google App Stores Within Minutes of Signing up.

You and your customers will be able to start taking bookings within a few minutes of signing up to our platform. Within minutes, you and your customers can download a customised app with full booking functionality, with booking notifications straight to your mobile device.

Beyond the salon chair

Most other online booking systems are built for beauty salons and restaurants. Go Book Me In is more than salon scheduling software—our robust, flexible software covers 330+ industries, from electricians to home cleaning to Zumba classes.


Go Book Me In is a cloud-based platform, which means there’s no physical hardware or equipment to buy. This makes It flexible, scalable, and robust—with no downtime for maintenance or old versions to deal with.

We’re always updated and running—offering expert support when and if needed.

Good for Your Search Engine Ranking.

We help you acquire Google and Trustpilot reviews. Our in-built review-requesting engine ensures positive reviews from your customers. Customers often choose businesses with genuine reviews. With our automated review-requesting tools, we can help you build your online reputation, build trust and credibility, and ultimately influence potential customers to make informed booking decisions.

Experts Support

We are here to help. We'll get you up and running with our platform and help with any issues you have using it.

Frequently asked questions

Is Go Book Me In available for a free trial?
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Yes, Go Book Me In offers businesses a free trial so they can experience the benefits of the best online booking system before committing to a subscription.
How can Go Book Me In help my service based business?
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Go Book Me In is an all-in-one online booking software that simplifies the appointment scheduling process for your business. By creating a customisable booking page, you can easily share your available slots with clients, enabling them to book services, view important page info, or contact you quickly through the site. This enhances productivity, saves time, and helps you effectively serve your clients.
Can I integrate Go Book Me In with my existing website?
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Yes, Go Book Me In offers a simple and seamless integration process for existing websites. You can simply add a booking button or incorporate your full booking page into your site, allowing clients to schedule appointments without leaving your webpage. This feature is designed to provide a hassle-free experience for you and your clients, enhancing overall user satisfaction.
Can I customise my booking page with Go Book Me In?
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Absolutely! Go Book Me In understands the importance of branding and personal touches for service-based businesses. The platform allows you to fully customise your booking page to match your brand's style and tone. You can add logos, and include all essential page info you want your clients to see, making your booking page a true extension of your website.
What kind of businesses can benefit from using Go Book Me In?
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Go Book Me In is highly versatile and can serve a wide range of service-based businesses such as salons, fitness centres, tradesman, and consultants, among others. Any business that relies on appointments and schedules can greatly benefit from the efficiency and organisation that Go Book Me In's online scheduling system provides.
How does Go Book Me In enhance client communication?
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The platform allows businesses to easily communicate with clients through automated email and message reminders, ensuring they are informed about upcoming appointments. This feature helps reduce no-shows and allows for quick schedule adjustments if needed.
Are there any features to review and manage client information and appointments?
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Yes, Go Book Me In offers a comprehensive system that allows you to view, manage, and review client data and appointments all in one place. This one-stop solution provides easy access to your clients' information, appointment history, and preferences, enabling personalised and efficient service. The system is designed to save you time and enhance your business's productivity.
Can Go Book Me In be used to offer promotions or discounts?
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Indeed, Go Book Me In lets you easily create and offer promotions, discounts, and special deals directly through the booking platform. This feature allows you to attract new customers while rewarding existing ones, effectively boosting your business and ensuring customer satisfaction through amazing deals and offers.
What support options are available for Go Book Me In users?
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Go Book Me In is committed to providing exceptional support to its users. You can access various support options including email, chat, and a comprehensive FAQ section on the website. Whether setting up your bookings for the first time or looking for advanced tips to maximise productivity, Go Book Me In's support team is ready to assist you every step.

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