Reserve With Google

Reserve with Google

Go Book Me In is proud to be an official partner with Google. As a Google partner we can add booking functionality in the form of a 'Book Now' button directly to your Google Business Profile (previous known as Google My Business). Our Reserve with Google integration enables users to discover local businesses like you on Google Search and Maps, and then redirect those users to a booking page of your choice to complete the booking.

We offer two options for choosing the landing booking page when users click on the 'Book Online' button in Google. Our first option (1) is to use an existing page on your website, and the second option (2) is to use one of our pre-built booking pages customised for your business, which we can host for you.

Appointments Redirect

Having a strong online presence is crucial for any service-based business, and many customers rely on search engines like Google to discover and engage with them.

Reserve with Google (RwG) and Google Business Profile listings play a vital role in this process as they appear prominently in local search results and maps, making it easy for customers to find and make bookings with businesses like yours.

Go Book Me In's integration with Reserve with Google and Google Business Profile offers businesses the ability to connect and promote their services directly with Google's vast user base. This integration streamlines scheduling and increases accessibility, providing an efficient booking system that benefits both the business and its customers.

With additional services of connecting Go Book Me In's Booking Widget to your Google Business Profile's appointment link, it's a great way to attract new customers searching for services like yours.

Tap here to find out more on how maximise the benefits of your Google Business Profile.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know Reserve with Google.

How does a customer make a booking through 'Reserve with Google'?
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'Google with Reserve' is a Google product which is available through Google Search and Google Maps.

When your customers search for your business on Google Search or Google Maps they can directly book with you. They will find a 'Schedule' or 'Book Online' button like the ones shown below.

Reserve With Google Book Online Button
Reserve With Google Scheduling Button
After taping the 'Schedule' or 'Book Online' button they wlll be presented with your available services and the available slots from your 'Go Book Me In' calendar, from these available slots your customer will be able to book a slot or class with you.
Do bookings made through 'Reserve with Google' sync with bookings made with 'Go Book Me In' app and website?
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The 'Go Book Me In' platform is fully integrated with 'Google with Reserve'.

Yes bookings made via 'Reserve with Google' will be just like placing a booking from the 'Go Book Me In' app or website, only available slots will be presented to your customers, and you will get an email and\or notification when the booking is made, we will then block out the slot on your\staff members calendar.   Any further changes can then be made by you through the 'Go Book Me In' Admin app. Your customers will also be able to modify\cancel bookings via 'Reserve with Google'   and you will receive notifications on these also.
Which booking slots will be available to customers to 'Reserve with Google'?
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Your 'Go Book Me In' staff calendar will be sync'd with 'Reserve with Google'

Your customers will only be shown available slots that are available in your staff calendar, these slots are updated in real time, so you won't have to worry about double bookings
How much does it cost to have bookings via 'Reserve with Google'?
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We don't charge anything additional on top of your 'Go Book Me In' subscription for 'Reserve with Google'.

We believe 'Reserve with Google' is a great tool to grow your business. As long as your business operates within our pricing tiers we do not charge any additional fee for bookings that are received through 'Reserve with Google'.

Tap here to see our pricing and subscription tiers.
How quickly will I see the 'Book Online' button appear?
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If the business details you submit to us pass Google verification and review, you should see your 'Book Online' button on your Google Business Profile within 78 hours, in most cases this will be in less than 24 hours. If you do need to start bookings quicker you can always use our booking widget and app.
How can I remove my booking button or deactivate my account
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If you would like to remove your integration with Reserve with Google or delete your account on our platform please use our Opt Out Form.

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